American Made

There are many reasons why buying American made products are not only important, but vital to those living in the United States. Most people think buying American made products is nothing more than a Patriotic tribute but as you will see in the points below, it is absolutely necessary to support American made products.

  1. The Economy – When you buy American-made products, the money stays in the U.S. economy. By purchasing more items made in the USA , Our workers will get paid and buy groceries in local supermarkets, go to local restaurants and local retail outlets. Dollars that are expended here, stay here. Purchasing American-made keeps your dollars right here in the USA. Currently our economy that was once booming is now sitting at roughly $18 trillion in debt with no signs of stopping.
  2. Labor Laws – When products are made overseas there is little to no regulation of working conditions. Sweatshops are notorious for child labor, forced labor and other human rights violations. Buying products made in America is a good way to avoid supporting these grave labor atrocities. America is one of the few Countries that have strict labor laws enforced making it the prime place to purchase your products.
  3. Working Conditions – Many importing countries have little or no regulations for labor regulations, resulting in unsafe and inhumane working conditions (long hours, child labor, no or very low minimum wage, etc.). US manufacturing processes are much cleaner for the environment than many other countries; many brands sold here are produced in countries using dangerous, heavily polluting processes.  American companies are subject to EPA rules and regulations to help protect the environment. Products bought here don’t have to travel around to get to you and that reduces our carbon footprint.
  4. Quality – Foreign product safety standards are low. For example, poisonous levels of lead are in tens of millions of toys shipped to the USA. Other countries are not held to the same standards that American companies are. Therefore you are risking buying a product that could be harmful or made of low quality materials.
  5. Relationships – When you buy from American made companies they are often always there to handle questions, concerns, and comments about the product you bought. Usually the owner is heavily involved with the actual manufacturing of the goods and have the most knowledge to fit your questions.

Overall there are many benefits to buying American made products than buying the cheapest retail product you can find. Buying American made products isn’t always easiest and isn’t always on the forefront of our mind, but it’s something we need to support if we plan to sustain our economy and get the best possible product for our money.