Everything You Love About Christmas

Everything You Love About Christmas 

Every year at the end of Thanksgiving dinner the Christmas tree goes up, the Christmas tunes start playing on the radio and the first Christmas movie of the season is played on DVD or Blu-Ray. 

Now that the Christmas season is rapidly winding down there is a certain sadness that hits. Waiting an entire year to experience such a wondrous time seems like an eternity. I seem to always leave out certain aspects of the holiday season that I love most and am forced to wait an entire year at another chance to hear my favorite Christmas song or watch my favorite Christmas movie. I decided to make a top 5 list of movies to watch and songs to listen to before time runs out and you’re forced to wait 365 days..


  1. Home Alone series: This Christmas comedy series from 1990 to 1997 is a must watch for everyone during the holiday season. 
  2. Miracle on 34th street: This is one of the greatest classics from 1947 and should be apart of everyones holiday. This movie has been deemed Christmas royalty over time and in a lot of households is the first movie to be played to kick off the Christmas season. 
  3. It’s a Wonderful Life: This film, released in 1946, is now among the most popular in America cinema and has      become a traditional viewing since the 1980’s during the Christmas season.
  4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: This 1989 classic is a must see during the holiday season, especially if you can relate to the Griswold’s. This holiday classic gets plenty of air time on popular channels but sometimes gets overlooked or mixed up with the movies non Christmas sequels. 
  5. Elf: This 2003 holiday hit is quickly becoming one of the most popular Christmas movie traditons. It also has had the most showings this year during prime time. 

Although there are too many Christmas movies to list, These movies seem to get passed up in some households during he holiday season. Whats on your top 5 list of christmas movies? Comment below and tell us! 


  1. All I Want For Christmas is You (Mariah Carey) This song is probably unanimously regarded as one of the top Christmas songs of all time. Not only did Mariah Carey sing this song she also wrote and produced it, making it even more epic. 
  2. White Christmas (Bing Crosby) This song really sets off the Christmas season. Its in multiple movies and is highly regarded as one of the most beloved Christmas songs of all time. This song has many versions but the version done by Bing Crosby is actually in the guiness world book of records for the best selling single of all time with an excess of over $100 million.
  3. Let It Snow (Dean Martian) Although this song is recorded by numerous renowned artists, this version is especially one of the best Christmas songs ever made. Dean Martian recorded his rendition in 1959, 14 years after it was first written by Sammy Cahn.
  4. Baby It’s Cold outside (Various Artists)  Although there are multiple artists who sing this song, if you have a significant other usually you and your significant other are the favorite artists for the song. Who doesn’t love to sing this song as you riding in the car on a romantic date with your loved one looking at Christmas lights and sipping hot chocolate? This song was originally written by Frank Loesser in 1944 for he and his wife Lynn Garland to perform for their housewarming party towards the end of the evening.
  5. Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Andy Williams) Written in 1963 and recorded by Andy Williams for his Christmas album. The song is a celebration and description of activities associated with the Christmas season, focusing primarily on get-togethers between friends and families. This song is the perfect kick start to the Christmas season. 

Hopefully this was a helpful reminder as the Christmas season winds down to watch and listen to these classics one more time before its to late. 

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