Facts About Shoes

There are many strange and interesting facts about shoes that many people do not know about. Here we are going to take a look at the top 10 facts about shoes that we find the most interesting.

  1. The first boot was actually invented in 1851. J. Sparkes-Hall, who was Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, created what is known at the Chelsea boot. The Chelsea boot were cotton with a leather clad toe and had elastic-sides. They were the first of their kind in the world. 
  2. High-heeled shoes were originally worn by men.  They actually wore them as early as the 10th century, many                   horseback-riding cultures wore heels on their boots and on their shoes, because heels help you stay in the stirrups. With the French Revolution in 1789 the fashion trends shifted and heals became associated with women.
  3. There was no shoe designated to the left and right foot until Philadelphia cobbler named William Young perfected a process for making different shoes for the right and left foot in the 19th century. Before that, shoes for each foot were made exactly the same.
  4. The first sneaker was invented in 1916 and were originally called Keds. In 1960 they became sneakers because of their rubber soles, allowing people to sneak around unheard.
  5. Shoes change the way that we run. Studies show that with shoes we are more likely to land heel first while we are running.When you strike the ground heel-first, you send a massive shock wave up your body. When you land toes-first, almost no force slams into your feet because your weight is better distributed and your steps are bouncier.
  6. The shoes worn by Judy Garland on The Wizard of Oz sold for $660,000 at an auction in 2000. This makes them the most expensive shoes ever sold.
  7. The world’s largest shoes measure 17 feet long and 8 feet wide. The shoes can each fit 30 people inside. The pair is on display at the Marikina Shoe Museum in the Philippines.
  8. The only shoe museum in North America is located in Toronto, Ontario. The Bata Shoe Museum showcases shoes spanning over 4,500 years.
  9. European men and women both wore the same designs of shoes for a long time. That changed only after 18th century.
  10. Sandals are the earliest known shoes, people started wearing them from approximately 7,000 or 8,000 BC.

Shoes are one of the most interesting developments in human history. Seeing the evolution of where we started and where we are now is absolutely astounding. Not only is it interesting to see how shoes have played a part in our lives biologically, but also how they played a huge role socially.