Why You Won’t Find ______ At KQ Shoes

Here at KQ Shoes we are known for many things such our durable, innovative, and long lasting shoes. There are many things though that you won’t find at KQ. Here is our list of ten things you won’t find in our company. 

  1. You won’t find our shoes in the stores. Instead of allowing the stores to distribute and market our shoes we have decided to do it on our own. By keeping our shoes out of stores we are keeping them at the price we want and the quality we want.
  2. You won’t find a Corporate mindset with KQ. We are here to satisfy the needs and wants of our customers and to build long lasting relationships with them.
  3. You won’t find cheap material and low grade quality in our shoes that will wear down instantly. We only use the best for our customers.
  4. You won’t find our customer service to be difficult and impossible to get your questions, concerns, and comments  taken care of ASAP. We pride ourselves on fixing any issues in a timely manner and making all of our customers as happy as possible.
  5. You won’t outrageous prices on our shoes. We have put the maximum amount of technology, innovation, and highest grade material in our shoes for the cheapest cost possible.
  6. You won’t find very many other companies still making shoes manufactured using the original tooling you have grown to love since 1921.
  7. You won’t find many other American made shoe companies left in the United States. Most shoe companies find it easier and cheaper to manufacture their footwear overseas. We don’t take that approach. Each shoe is made using the highest quality materials and is handcrafted to the exacting standards for your comfort and safety that you have come to expect year after year.
  8. You won’t find built in shoe features like we offer. Our shoes have are made with full grain leather, sock linings wick away moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable, oil resistant, classic orthopedic style insoles, and much much more.
  9. You won’t find any reason to return your shoes once your try them out. We firmly believe that our shoes are the perfect fit for any foot and we stand by our product 100%.
  10. You won’t find a better variety of shoes than at KQ. We offer the best variety of shoes for any job or just for everyday use. And with our inventory constantly expanding, we will continue to creating new shoes with the newest and greatest innovation.

KQ shoes is a loyal company with loyal customers. As we continue to push the envelope in the world of creation and innovation, we look forward to you giving us a try and see why we are our shoes are loved and relied on by so many.